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NNT is the leading provider of SecureOps™. SecureOps™ combines the essential, foundational security controls as prescribed by all leading security frameworks such as CIS and NIST with the operational discipline of change management. By ensuring you have the prescribed essential security controls in place combined with the ability to correlate changes within your environment with an approved ticket or set of intelligent rules, organizations are able to prevent and protect themselves against all forms of breach as well as gaining full control of changes for both security and operational peace of mind.

What does NNT Specifically Provide?
Change, Configuration, Vulnerability and Asset Management

  • System and Network Configuration
  • Closed-Loop Intelligent Change Control
  • Vulnerability Identification & Hardening
  • Continuous & Real-Time Compliance Management
  • Threat Intelligence – Integrity Validation Utilizing World’s Largest Whitelist Database
  • Real-Time, Intelligent & Context-Based File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Security Information and Event Log Management

What does NNT Do?
The easy response to that question might just be to say that we provide cyber security solutions. In actual fact, we protect thousands of organizations worldwide from the daily threat of cyberattack. The damage potential of Ransomware, zero-day malware and data theft – be it financial, personal identifiable information or intellectual property – is incalculable but the threat is real and present.

How Does NNT do it?
By providing the ability to understand and better control changes that occur within the IT environment, NNT maximizes preventative measures against known exploits, while providing a forensic-level early-warning detection of newly developed attack methods. If changes are allowed to occur without any means of detecting suspicious or potentially harmful changes, there will always be a risk that a breach or disruptive action will occur and worse, that it will go undetected.

How does it Work?
The starting point for Change Control is a secure environment, one which is configured to best protect against an attack. NNT enables organizations to establish a ‘known, good, secure and compliant’ state for every IT asset within the environment. We are one of an elite group of vulnerability management specialists actually certified by the Center for Internet Security.

NNT utilizes unique Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control Technology along with Threat Intelligence Feeds that allow organizations to gain control of the changes that are happening and immediately highlight any that could represent a threat. No wonder NNT is rated #54 in the World’s Hottest Security Companies by Cyber Security Ventures.

Once we have confirmed that all systems are secure and fit for purpose, we track every change made to that state, however discreet or nuanced that change may be. With the help of intelligent threat control and change context, we are able to automatically approve changes as being safe or flag suspicious changes immediately for review.

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